Friends & Family

If you are the friend, family member or partner of a crime victim, you may be feeling angry, confused, scared or helpless. These reactions are normal and can be used as a window into what the victim may also be experiencing. In order to help your loved one, and to empower yourself, there are a few key things to remember:

  • However the survivor copes with the trauma should be respected
  • It is the survivor’s choice whether or not to report the crime to the police
  • Respecting the survivor’s decisions is an important way of showing your support

The staff at Crime Victims Treatment Center is here to help you and your loved one with medical, legal and emotional issues.

Counseling for Survivors
Support Groups for Survivors
Counseling and Support for Family and Friends

Emergency Department Programs

Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners (SAFE)
Domestic Violence Identification and Intervention Program
Volunteer Advocacy

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pdf icon Sexual Assault: A Guide for Friends & Family of the Survivor